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PGA REACH Nebraska Grant Application

PGA REACH Nebraska Financial Grant Application

The PGA REACH Nebraska financial grant application process is now open for 2021 programming.

Consideration for these funds will be given to:

*The degree of potential benefit to the golf community
*Programs that target youth ages 18 and under, military personnel, people with disabilities, or minorities
*The span of communities the project will reach
*Whether the program targets the new golfer, lapse golfer, and core golfer

The Foundation does not fund endowment campaigns, religious or political activities.


Grant Applications must be submitted and signed by the organization or individual requesting the grant. Persons submitting Grant Applications may request assistance in preparing the Applications from a PGA Professional or the Foundation. The Grant Application deadline for 2021 programs is Friday, April 23rd, 2021. Grant Applications may be submitted past the deadline or throughout the year, however, consideration of Grant Applications submitted after the deadline is not guaranteed. Individuals or organizations may also apply for grants in consecutive years. Grant awards will be used solely to run the program described in the Grant Application and no one individual or organization is to profit from the grant.

If you have any questions about this survey or to request a paper copy, please contact Bob Danenhauer at or Renee Tyson at