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PAT Schedule

The Playing Ability Test or “PAT” is a measure of golfing ability.  It means PGA Professionals have the skills needed to teach and grow the game.

Date Location Course Deadline Info
4/18/19 Lincoln Mahoney Golf Course 4/4/19 Register Here
4/23/19 Grand Island Jackrabbit Run Golf Course 4/9/19 Register Here
5/2/19 Lincoln Crooked Creek Golf Club 4/18/19 Register Here
5/30/19 Lincoln Mahoney Golf Course 5/16/19 Register Here
8/22/19 Lincoln Pioneers Golf Course 8/8/19 Register Here
9/17/19 Grand Island Jackrabbit Run Golf Course 9/3/19 Register Here
9/26/19 Lincoln Mahoney Golf Course 9/12/19 Register Here