Lincoln, NE. – Wilderness Ridge played host to Nebraska PGA’s Nelnet/Baxter Toyota Lincoln Golf FORE The Troops Pro-Am, featuring 31 teams of NEPGA Professionals partnered with three amateurs from around the state. On one of the best days for golf this season, PGA Professionals battled for one of the most sought-after purses of the season while the teams competed in a two-net best ball event. In addition to the competition, the event is focused around raising funds for military families in our state while turning those funds into scholarships.

In the Professional-only division, Happy Hollow’s Ryan Vermeer, PGA broke out with a 66 (5-under-par) early in the morning wave. While there were eight total Professionals to shoot red figures, nobody was able to match Vermeer’s round. Vermeer began his day making the turn at 4-under-par thanks to four birdies in his last five holes and went on to shoot 1-under on the back. His six birdies and lone bogey left him with another trophy for his wall and he is now a back-to-back champion in this event.

The team competition featuring a two-net best-ball format finished with Shane Zywiec, PGA of Highlands GC and his team of amateurs Brook Darnell, Chip Sorenson and Dan Thomas at the top of the leaderboard after an incredible team score of 23-under-par.

The special day also featured the 16th anniversary of the Nelnet/Baxter Toyota Lincoln Golf FORE The Troops Pro-Am in an effort to raise funds for scholarships donated to military families. Since the inception of this event, it has raised and awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to Nebraska children of active military personnel serving here at home or abroad. We would also like to thank our clubhouse sponsor Bowman and Krieger Law Firm as well as our supporting sponsors Vinnie Krikac’s State Farm Insurance Agency, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Bushnell Golf, Chesterman Co. (Coca-Cola) and Mizuno Golf. Lastly, we would like to thank the entire Professional staff at Wilderness Ridge for hosting the event once again.

Professional Leaderboard

1 Ryan Vermeer
T2 Shane Zywiec
T2 Jon Petersen
T4 Sarah Pravecek
T4 Nick Shanahan
T6 Alex Carper
T6 Justin Herron
T6 Ted DiGiacomo
9 Sam Jonell
T10 Steve Friesen
T10 Andrew Storm
T12 Troy Harder
T12 Scott Holly
T14 Mike Antonio
T14 Ryan Norman
T14 Don Germer
T14 Tony Baranowski
T14 Mike Coatman
T19 Kyle Schellpeper
T19 Kevin Drew
21 Anthony Driscoll
22 Jonathan Beaver
T23 TJ Loudner
T23 Jim White
T25 Brian Steventon
T25 Pete Hagen
T25 Denis Vontz
28 Jeff Porter
29 Greg Johannesen
30 Jacob York

-5 66
-3 68
-3 68
-2 69
-2 69
-1 70
-1 70
-1 70
E 71
+1 72
+1 72
+2 73
+2 73
+3 74
+3 74
+3 74
+3 74
+3 74
+5 76
+5 76
+6 77
+7 78
+8 79
+8 79
+9 80
+9 80
+9 80
+11 82
+17 88
+20 91

Team Leaderboard

1 Shane Zywiec
Brook Darnell
Chip Sorenson
Dan Thomas
-23 119

2 Steve Friesen
Mike Hershberger
Dustin Hershberger
James Hershberger
-21 121

3 Jon Petersen
Doug Mitchell
Paul Roth
Brandon Reilly
-18 124

T4 Sam Jonell
Brandon Lamke
Jerod Frost
Jeff Reitz
-17 125

T4 Mike Coatman
Nick Schieffer
Bob Benes
Loren Sweigard
-17 125

T4 Denis Vontz
Dan Mlnarik
Todd Lorenz
Mike Snitily
-17 125

T7 Nick Shanahan
Mitch Rodgers
Mike Smith Jr.
Hayden Meyer
-16 126

T7 Alex Carper
Jeff Barclay
Scott Ritter
Kim Brown
-16 126

T7 Justin Herron
Brian Neesen
Chuck Eckert
Wade Mayfield
-16 126

T10 Jim White
Dave Breetzke
Tom Ballard
John Tucker
-15 127

T10 Kevin Drew
Ben Bertolini
Brandon Falley
Jordan Housh
-15 127

12 Andrew Storm
Jeff Canfield
Scott Bartling
Tony Caputo
-14 128

T13 Sarah Pravecek
Don Bowman
Greg Duncan
Brian Boesiger
-13 129

T13 Ryan Vermeer
John Dietrich
Steve Richards
Pat Walsh
-13 129

T15 Mike Antonio
Mike Kalkowski
Stephen Collins
Dave Ortleb
-12 130

T15 TJ Loudner
Andy Nealon
Drew Wergin
Sean Yost
-12 130

T15 Don Germer
Les Anderson
Karl Porzelt
Mike Lara
-12 130

18 R.W. Eaks
Brooks Blohm
Kelly Hansen
Domenic Consoli
-11 131

19 Troy Harder
Blake Becher
Jordan Kreifels
Jon Sims
-10 132

T20 Ryan Norman
Wyatt Greenwood
Joe Stephens
Jay Collins
-9 133

T20 Brian Steventon
Vinnie Krikac
Tim Bixenmann
Justin Roach
-9 133

T20 Jonathan Beaver
Jeff McPherson
Pat McMahon
Paul Brown
-9 133

T20 Tony Baranowski
Darin Cook
Lee Millward
CJ Farber
-9 133

T20 Jeff Porter
Taylor Sidzyik
Mark Morris
Spencer Huff
-9 133

T25 Greg Johannesen
Alex Walter
Dan Hendrickson
Chris Love
-8 134

T25 Pete Hagen
Michael Breetzke
Paul Kolkman
Clay Peterson
-8 134

T25 Jacob York
Cody Konopasek
Scott Chisholm
Chad Van Ostrand
-8 134

28 Kyle Schellpeper
Tyler Vaughn
Alex Koch
Bill Melena
-5 137

29 Scott Holly
Nikoai Knezovich
Kirt Nolde
Marcus Bergman
-4 138

30 Anthony Driscoll
Grant Wakefield
Tyler Huttman
Payton Greenwood
-3 139

31 Ted DiGiacomo
Tom Himberger
Cami Burns
Jake Sutherlin
+8 150