Omaha, NE – One of the largest fields of the season were treated to a spectacular day of golf at the Health Care Information Systems (HCIS) Pro-Am at Happy Hollow Club.  Ryan Vermeer, PGA Director of Instruction at Happy Hollow Club used some home course knowledge and to post a tournament best round of three-under-par 68.  Vermeer made five birdies on the day but finished with bogeys on #17 and #18 to squeak past the field.  Finishing one stroke back at two-under-par 69 and runner-up was Matt Nice, PGA Director of Golf at The Ridge G.C.  Rounding out the top three with a solid round of golf and a four-way tie with one-under-par 70 was Kyle Schellpeper, PGA Head Professional at Oak Hills C.C., Jonathan Beaver, PGA, Director of Golf at Landsmeer G.C., Steve Friesen, PGA, Director of Instruction at Firethorn G.C. and Brad Bailey, PGA Assistant Professional at Champions Run.

The team competition featuring a one-net on the par 3’s and two-net on the par 4’s and 5’s was a shootout with multiple teams posting some terrific scores on the day.  In the end, two teams tied at 16-under-par to share the low team title.  Sarah Pravecek, PGA Assistant Professional of Wilderness Ridge G.C. and her amateur partners, Chip Romjue, Dave Jarecke and Pat McCashland played some terrific golf as they finished with birdies on #16 and #17 to finish their round.  Joining Pravecek’s team at 16-under-par was Tony Baranowski, PGA Head Professional at Fremont G.C. and his amateur partners, John Dewhurst, Trey Mytty and Brent O’Mara.  The shot of the day goes to Trey Mytty who made an ace on the par 3 eighth hole with a rescue club from 195 yards.

The Nebraska Section PGA is truly appreciative of our title sponsors Tom Walker, President of Health Care Information Systems (HCIS).  For over 20 years, HCIS has been providing a comprehensive purchasing program for long term care facilities.  With over 600 clients in 12 states, HCIS also offer Medicare Part A and B, claims management, nurse consulting and consultant dietician services.  We also appreciate our presenting sponsors of today’s event, Columbia Golf and regional representative, Marc Cruse, PGA, Miller & Sons Golf Cars/E-Z-GO and regional representative, Randy Prince, Coors Light and Arnold Palmer Spiked.  In addition, this tremendous event was supported by Ahead USA and regional representative, Clark Smith, PGA and Chesterman Co. Coca-Cola.  This event also featured the Tito’s Handmade Vodka Holes of the Week as the par 5 #12 hole was highlighted this week.  Lastly, special thanks to Vinnie Krikac State Farm Insurance Agency for continuing to support the season long, “Final Drive” and Nebraska Section PGA Cup Series.

Special thanks to General Manager/COO, David Schneider, PGA, Director of Golf, Mike Antonio, PGA, Head Professional, Chris Cover, PGA, Director of Grounds Scott Axon and the entire professional team at Happy Hollow Club for hosting this great event.

HCIS Pro-3Am – Team Results:
T1  Tony Baranowski Fremont GC John Dewhurst Trey Mytty Brent O’Mara                                              51-63–114 -16

T1  Sarah Pravecek Wilderness Ridge Chip Romjue Dave Jarecke Pat McCashland                                    57-57–114 -16

T3  Dominick Mitchum Omaha CC Steve Redlin Morgan Strattan Doug Munter                                         58-58–116 -14

T3  Jerad Palmer Hillcrest CC Dale Mahlman Bill Ashburn Rick Erickson                                                     59-57–116 -14

T3  Steve Friesen Firethorn GC Jack Riggins Stan Tafoya Steve Peterson                                                       57-59–116 -14

T6  Sam Jonell Miracle Hill G&T Mike Hansen Bill Richards Jim Newcomm                                                57-60–117 -13

T6  Brad Neunaber Hidden Valley GC Jeff Sass Bill Wallish Bill Salisbury                                                      59-58–117 -13

T6  Ryan Vermeer Happy Hollow Club Tim Ziola Chris Mangan Tad Peterson                                               57-60–117 -13

T9  James Weaver Platteview Country Club Jc Stevenson Shelly Liddick Tim Diehm                                   60-58–118 -12

T9  James Kinney GolfTec – Omaha Matt Studer Carl Bartholomew Bob Tatten                                             59-59–118 -12

T9  Kyle Schellpeper Oak Hills Gregg Young Chris Polito Steve Willis                                                               61-57–118 -12

T9  Kevin Drew Field Club of Omaha Mark Roseland Brian Lukowski Dan Bye                                               58-60–118 -12

T13 Nick Wanderscheid Green Valley Golf Course Gary Wanderscheid Paul Koskovich Joe Gormally       59-60–119 -11

T13 Billy Keane Sioux City CC John Keane Andy Keane Dave Young                                                                  55-64–119 -11

T13 Alex Janssen Ridge Golf Club Spencer Kock Andy Masten Cole McCallum                                                56-63–119 -11

T13 Matt Nice Ridge Golf Club Mike Plasier Jeff Visser Gregg Boone                                                                 58-61–119 -11

T17 Tony Pesavento Omaha CC Tim Goodnight Tom McNeil Zach Dice                                                            60-60–120 -10

T17 Jim White Fairways at Lincoln Scott Bowden Brian Spangler Jim Mullen                                                60-60–120 -10

T17 Mike Cornell Champions Run Chris Kennedy Shawn Carollo George Morrissey                                     60-60–120 -10

T17 Jonathan Beaver Landsmeer GC Larry Sanson Aaron Aberson TJ Korver                                                60-60–120 -10

T17 Brad Bailey Champions Run Mike Mackintosh Chris Carder Steve Eck                                                     59-61–120 -10

T22 Denis Vontz Highlands GC Bob Borders Jeff Crandon Scott Stacy                                                             58-63–121 -9

T22 Seth Ray Beatrice Country Club Bert Villafane Paul Garnett Mark Bathel                                                63-58–121 -9

T24 Ted DiGiacomo Golf Galaxy – Omaha Trent Tiessen Doug Waffle Joe Poljanec                                      62-60–122 -8

T24 Matt Shaner Golf USA Bryon Zechmann Dave Tims Tony Boles                                                                59-63–122 -8

T26 Jon Petersen Tiburon GC Jason Greatorex DJ James Lee Johnson                                                           63-60–123 -7

T26 Brandon Wedding Happy Hollow Club Michael Hoch Tad Freeburg Scott Melton                                59-64–123 -7

T28 Greg Gilg Field Club of Omaha Robbie Martin Doug Peters Adam Johnson                                           62-62–124 -6

T28 Shane Zywiec Highlands GC Dillon Ruether Steve Stevenson Dan Thomas                                            59-65–124 -6

T28 Nick Shanahan Shadow Ridge CC Mike Smith II Josh Bjorkman Zach Steigleder                                 58-66–124 -6

T31 Mike Antonio Happy Hollow Club Roger Heedum Jeff Heedum John Eriksen                                       62-63–125 -5

T31 Chris Cover Happy Hollow Club Vinnie Krikac Tim Bixenmann Brandon Rech                                      58-67–125 -5

T31 Troy Harder Wayne Country Club Mike Bentjen Kelly Hansen Brooks Blohm                                        61-64–125 -5

T31 Joe Finnegan Shadow Ridge CC Brian Green Mike Brewer Rob Schmitt                                                  60-65–125 -5

T31 Austin Miller Omaha CC Chase Pruitt Lynn Crosby Jimmy Spagna                                                           63-62–125 -5

36  Derek Jensen Highlands GC Tom Nesbitt Jared DeMars Dick Little                                                           61-67–128 -2

37  Mark Nygaard Stone Creek GC Mike Fox Tom Holmes Scott Barnhill                                                        69-62–131 +1

38  Justin Onken Ashland GC Greg Stanek Kirby Smith EJ Stanek                                                                   69-63–132 +2

T39 Josh Enholm Champions Run Will Maschka Pete Maschka Nolan Maschka                                          68-66–134 +4

T39 Don Germer The Players Club at Deer Ahren Wonderlich Tim Halpine Jared Reinke                          65-69–134 +4


HCIS Pro-Am – Professional Results:

1   Ryan Vermeer      Happy Hollow Club                   33-35–68 -3

2   Matt Nice         Ridge Golf Club                                35-34–69 -2

T3  Kyle Schellpeper  Oak Hills                                     34-36–70 -1

T3  Steve Friesen     Firethorn GC                                 34-36–70 -1

T3  Jonathan Beaver   Landsmeer GC                          36-34–70 -1

T3  Brad Bailey       Champions Run                              33-37–70 -1

7   Tony Baranowski   Fremont GC                                34-37–71 E

T8  Jim White         Fairways at Lincoln                        34-38–72 +1

T8  Nick Wanderscheid Green Valley Golf Course      37-35–72 +1

T8  Seth Ray          Beatrice Country Club                      37-35–72 +1

T8  Kevin Drew        Field Club of Omaha                     37-35–72 +1

T12 Ted DiGiacomo     Golf Galaxy – Omaha                37-36–73 +2

T12 Sam Jonell        Miracle Hill G&T                            36-37–73 +2

T14 Greg Gilg         Field Club of Omaha                       35-39–74 +3

T14 Tony Pesavento    Omaha CC                                  36-38–74 +3

T14 James Kinney      GolfTec – Omaha                       36-38–74 +3

T17 Mike Antonio      Happy Hollow Club                   37-38–75 +4

T17 Shane Zywiec      Highlands GC                             36-39–75 +4

T19 Matt Shaner       Golf USA                                       37-39–76 +5

T19 Brad Neunaber     Hidden Valley GC                    38-38–76 +5

T21 Justin Onken      Ashland GC                                 39-38–77 +6

T21 Billy Keane       Sioux City CC                                 37-40–77 +6

T21 Alex Janssen      Ridge Golf Club                           38-39–77 +6

T21 Don Germer        The Players Club at Deer          38-39–77 +6

T21 Derek Jensen      Highlands GC                              37-40–77 +6

26  Sarah Pravecek    Wilderness Ridge                       38-40–78 +7

27  Jon Petersen      Tiburon GC                                    38-41–79 +8

28  Denis Vontz       Highlands GC                                38-42–80 +9

T29 Jerad Palmer      Hillcrest CC                                 38-43–81 +10

T29 Austin Miller     Omaha CC                                     41-40–81 +10

T31 Dominick Mitchum  Omaha CC                             40-42–82 +11

T31 Mark Nygaard      Stone Creek GC                         43-39–82 +11

T31 Nick Shanahan     Shadow Ridge CC                     42-40–82 +11

34  Chris Cover       Happy Hollow Club                       43-40–83 +12

35  Troy Harder       Wayne Country Club                    39-47–86 +15

36  Mike Cornell      Champions Run                            41-47–88 +17

T37 Brandon Wedding   Happy Hollow Club              46-43–89 +18

T37 Josh Enholm       Champions Run                          47-42–89 +18

39  Joe Finnegan      Shadow Ridge CC                         44-46–90 +19

40  James Weaver      Platteview Country Club           45-46–91 +20

About The Nebraska Section PGA
The Nebraska Section of the PGA is one of 41 Sections that together comprise the PGA of America.  The Nebraska Section PGA is a non-for-profit organization comprised of approximately 262 PGA Members and 21 PGA Associates who strive to promote the enjoyment and growth of the game of golf.  The Nebraska Section PGA encompasses the entire State of Nebraska, western fifth of Iowa and a small portion of South Dakota including Dakota Dunes and Yankton.  The Section office is located in Lincoln, NE and acts as a resource for local and national golf information for the golf professional and amateur players alike.  Our members are often referred to as “Club Professionals”, not to be mistaken as PGA Tour Professionals.  Each Nebraska Section PGA Professional serves as an expert in the ever-changing business of golf.  They are the leading expert players and teachers, skilled business managers, community leaders, and superior merchandisers who have dedicated their careers to the local delivery of these services.
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