LINCOLN, NE – Dawn Neujahr, PGA of Champions Run in Omaha, NE was elected as President of the Nebraska Section PGA at the Annual Fall Meeting at Happy Hollow Club. Neujahr is the first female to be elected for President in the 96-year history of the Nebraska Section PGA.

During Neujahr’s tenure at Champions Run, the club is an 8-time Nebraska PGA Merchandiser of the Year – Private Award Winner. In addition to being active at her club, Neujahr has been involved within the Section’s governance serving on Junior Golf, Public Relations, Player Development and Tournament committees.

Neujahr’s desire to serve on the national level began in 2014 when she served on the PGA Membership Benefits Committee. Neujahr continues to serve on this committee today under PGA of America President, Jim Richerson, PGA. Neujahr received high praise for her involvement in the PGA of America’s inaugural PGA LEAD Cohort I, Class of 2016-2017.

Back in 2017, Neujahr made history by becoming the first woman to be elected Secretary of the Nebraska PGA Section. Now in 2021, she continues to re-write the history books.

“When I ran for office four years ago, my goal was not to just be the first woman, but I felt it was my time to give back to our Association that has afforded me a wonderful career and some amazing life experiences. I want to help continue the vision of the former leaders of our Section and keep us moving forward in the community and growing the game,” said Neujahr.

In addition to her involvement with the Section, Neujahr has served on the Board of Directors for the charitable arm of the Section, PGA REACH Nebraska. She played a vital role in the foundation’s growth and its programming. Golf N’ Schools, Omaha Outreach and Clubs FORE Youth are examples of programs PGA REACH Nebraska promotes to grow the game of golf.

The dedication showed by Nebraska’s PGA Professionals in regards to the work done for the foundation and its programs paid off in 2020 when the Section was awarded PGA of America’s highest honor with the Herb Graffis Award.

“Winning the (Herb Graffis) award in 2020 was an awesome testimonial of the dedication and talent of our Section staff and PGA Members. The Foundation, still in the infancy, has grown by leaps and bounds with Golf N’ Schools, PGA HOPE, PGA Jr. League and now Clubs FORE Youth. This story will continue to evolve, and I would not be shocked if you see us winning again in the future,” says Neujahr.

The following Nebraska PGA Members were elected as Section Officers:

President – Dawn Neujahr, PGA of Champions Run

Vice President – Mike Schuchart, PGA of Wilderness Ridge

Secretary – Kevin Drew, PGA of Field Club of Omaha

Honorary President – Gil Russell, PGA of Happy Hollow Club

About The Nebraska Section PGA

The Nebraska Section of the PGA is one of 41 Sections that together comprise the PGA of America. The Nebraska Section PGA is a non-for-profit organization comprised of nearly 300 PGA Members and Associates who strive to promote the enjoyment and growth of the game of golf. The Nebraska Section PGA encompasses the entire State of Nebraska, western fifth of Iowa and a small portion of South Dakota including Dakota Dunes and Yankton. The Section office is located in Lincoln, NE and acts as a resource for local and national golf information for the golf professional and amateur player alike. Our members are often referred to as “Club Professionals”, not to be mistaken as PGA Tour Professionals. Each Nebraska Section PGA Professional serves as an expert in the ever-changing business of golf. They are the leading expert players and teachers, skilled business managers, community leaders, and superior merchandisers who have dedicated their careers to the local delivery of these services.