LINCOLN, Neb. – Each year the Nebraska Section PGA is pleased to reward distinction and honor to PGA Professionals for their contributions to the game of golf and their communities at the Section and National level.  These awards recognize extraordinary accomplishments, expertise, distinction and service.  It is with great pride that the below PGA Professionals have been nominated by the Nebraska Section PGA Nominating Committee for the following prestigious awards.  The Nebraska Section PGA Selection Committee will announce the winners of each of these awards on January 12, 2024.

Golf Professional of the Year – The highest award our Section presents.  This award is based on overall performance as a PGA golf professional, including leadership, service and promotion of the game.

Nominees:  Todd Anderson, PGA; Justin Arlt, PGA; Chris Cover, PGA; Max Hadenfeldt, PGA; David Honnens, PGA; Tom Johnson, PGA; Nathan Kalin, PGA; Dominick Mitchum, PGA; Ky Molholm, PGA; Nick Muller, PGA; Greg Neujahr, PGA; Mark Nygaard, PGA; Bobby O’Keefe, PGA; Tony Pesavento, PGA; James Rolls, PGA; Seth Scollard, PGA; Rodd Slater, PGA and Karrie Van Ravenswaay, PGA.

Teacher of the Year – Awarded for excellence in golf instruction along with overall performance as a golf professional.

Nominees:  Jonathan Beaver, PGA; Adam Bradfield, PGA; Mike Brown, PGA; Alex Carper, PGA; Mike Cornell, PGA; Ted DiGiacomo, PGA; Bryan Flanagan, PGA; Cory Fletcher, PGA; Steve Friesen, PGA; Alex Janssen, PGA; James Kinney, PGA; Nic Latcham, PGA; Drake Lundeen, PGA; Mark Nygaard, PGA; Jon Petersen, PGA; Andrew Storm, PGA; Paul Swirzinski, PGA; Carly Ulrich, PGA and Ryan Vermeer, PGA.

Bill Strausbaugh Award – Awarded to an individual who by their day-to-day efforts have distinguished themselves in the areas that truly reflect the characteristics and qualities that Bill Strausbaugh possessed during his lifetime – service to his Association, service to his fellow PGA professionals in helping them improve their employment situations and service to the community

Nominees:  Joe Canny, PGA; Chris Cover, PGA; Kevin Drew, PGA; Brad Goetsch, PGA; David Honnens, PGA; Kurt Karcher, PGA; Devon Kastler, PGA; Tony Pesavento, PGA; Seth Scollard, PGA and Nick St. Onge, PGA.

PGA Professional Development Award – Bestows special recognition for outstanding service and contributions to developing and improving educational opportunities for the PGA golf professional.

Nominees:  Joe Canny, PGA; Kevin Drew, PGA and Connor Farrell, PGA.

Youth Player Development – Awarded to the PGA golf professional who is a leader in junior golf, reflects the image and qualities that juniors can emulate, and provides opportunities for juniors to learn and play golf.

Nominees: Jonathan Beaver, PGA; Scott Bruha, PGA; Tony Collins, PGA; Alex Janssen, PGA; Kurt Karcher, PGA; Eric Kovarik, PGA; Mardi Kvidera, PGA; Drake Lundeen, PGA; Dave Malone, PGA; Zac Morley, PGA; Carly Ulrich, PGA; Karrie Van Ravenswaay, PGA and Wono Yoo, PGA.

Merchandiser of the Year/Private Facility – Recognizes the PGA golf professional that has demonstrated superior skills as a merchandiser in the promotion of golf.

Nominees: JD Brake, PGA; Derek Carlson, PGA; Sonya Freese, PGA; Don Graham, PGA; Tom Johnson, PGA; Dominick Mitchum, PGA; Ky Molholm, PGA; Nick Shanahan, PGA; Kyle Schellpeper, PGA and Brandon Wedding, PGA.

Merchandiser of the Year/Public Facility – Recognizes the PGA golf professional that has demonstrated superior skills as a merchandiser in the promotion of golf.

Nominees: Jon Benson, PGA; Troy Harder, PGA; Scott Harmelink, PGA; Justin Henry, PGA; Bill Jacobsen, PGA; Phil Palmer, PGA; James Rolls, PGA; Matt Shaner, PGA and Mallory Simmelink, PGA.

Facility of the Year – Recognizes the golf facility that has played an important role in Section activities, as well as promotion of the game of the golf for men, ladies and juniors.  

Nominees:  ArborLinks Golf Course, Nebraska City, NE; Benson Golf Course, Omaha, NE; CapRock Ranch, Valentine, NE; Champions Run, Omaha, NE; Eagle Hills Golf Course, Papillion, NE; Field Club of Omaha, Omaha, NE; Happy Hollow Club, Omaha, NE; Highlands Golf Course, Lincoln, NE; Hillcrest Country Club, Lincoln, NE; Holmes Golf Course, Lincoln, NE; Indian Trails Country Club, Beemer, NE; Lost Rail Golf Club, Gretna, NE; Meadowlark Hills Golf Course, Kearney, NE; The Prairie Club, Valentine, NE; Scotts Bluff Country Club, Scottsbluff, NE; The Ridge Golf Club, Sioux Center, IA; Tiburon Golf Club, Omaha, NE and Wild Horse Golf Club, Gothenburg, NE.

Sales Representative of the Year– Based on overall performance as a sales representative including product knowledge, service, professionalism, and involvement in Section activities.

Nominees:  David Durham, Titleist; Matt Geschke, PING; Stan Sheffield, FootJoy; John Sheridan, Under Armour; Andy Soper, XXIO; Brain Winge, PGA, Callaway.

Assistant Professional of the Year – This award is based on overall performance as an assistant professional, including leadership, service and promotion of the game.

Nominees:  Brad Bailey, PGA; Jay Cottam, PGA; Ryan Douglas, PGA; Chad Manes, PGA; Sam Martin, PGA; Sarah Pravecek, PGA; Jesse Schellen, PGA; Drew Seubert, PGA and Jacob Wright, PGA.

Player Development – Based on the PGA golf professional’s growth of the game leadership commitment at the Section and National levels and the impact made at the facility.

Nominees:  Ted DiGiacomo, PGA; Alex Janssen, PGA; Kurt Karcher, PGA; Nic Latcham, PGA; Drake Lundeen, PGA; Zac Morley, PGA; Seth Scollard, PGA; Carly Ulrich, PGA and Karrie Van Ravenswaay, PGA.

Patriot Award – Recognizes the PGA Professional who personifies patriotism through the game of golf and demonstrates unwavering commitment and dedication to the men and women who have valiantly served and protected the United States of America.

Nominees: Mike Brown, PGA; Tony Collins, PGA; Jay Cottam, PGA; John Craw, PGA; Turner Ham, PGA; David James, PGA; Greg Johannesen, PGA; Joel Johnson, PGA; Nic Latcham, PGA; Jonathan Mielke, PGA; Mark Mooberry, PGA; Zac Morley, PGA; Mark Nygaard, PGA; Phil Palmer, PGA; Terry Riordan, PGA; Seth Scollard, PGA; Matt Shaner, PGA; Cody Steuter, PGA; Paul Swirzinski, PGA and Joe Wiegand, PGA.

About the Nebraska Section PGA
The Nebraska Section PGA is a non-for-profit organization comprised of over 300 PGA Members and PGA Associates who strive to promote the enjoyment and growth of the game of golf. The Nebraska Section PGA encompasses the entire State of Nebraska, western fifth of Iowa and a small portion of South Dakota including Dakota Dunes and Yankton. The Section office is located in Lincoln, NE and acts as a resource for local and national golf information for the golf professional and amateur player alike. Our members are often referred to as “Club Professionals”, not to be mistaken as PGA Tour Professionals.

Each Nebraska Section PGA Professional serves as an expert in the ever-changing business of golf. They are the leading expert players and teachers, skilled business managers, community leaders, and superior merchandisers who have dedicated their careers to the local delivery of these services.