Omaha, NE. – Presented by the Pinnacle Bank Championship and Adidas, Happy Hollow Club played host to the 2021 PGA REACH Nebraska Pro-Am on a top ten day featuring perfect weather. 19 teams of Nebraska PGA Professionals and Amateurs from across the state teed it up in a day of celebration and an effort to raise funds for the Nebraska Section PGA’s charitable arm and its Foundation, PGA REACH Nebraska.

PGA REACH Nebraska is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to positively impact lives through the game of golf. The PGA REACH Nebraska Foundation was created for the purpose of administering the charitable and philanthropic affairs on behalf of the golf professionals within the Nebraska Section PGA. The Foundation is broken down into three pillars: Military, Youth and Diversity/Inclusion. Within the three pillars are several programs that target those areas of focus.

The Youth Pillar of PGA REACH Nebraska will ensure no child is forgotten and left to pursue golf on their own. PGA REACH Nebraska provides programs for youth across the section to grow the next generation of golfers. PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) is the flagship military program of PGA REACH Nebraska, the charitable foundation of the Nebraska PGA. PGA HOPE introduces golf to Veterans to enhance their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. Inclusion is a core value of PGA REACH Nebraska and they are committed to making sure that people of all backgrounds have access to and feel authentically welcome in the game and business of golf.

In addition to celebrating all of what PGA REACH Nebraska has accomplished since its inception in 2014, we witnessed some great play on the course. Congratulations to Jim White, PGA of the Fairways at Lincoln for finishing with a 68 (-3) round to lead the way in the Professional-only division and to Kevin Drew, PGA of The Field Club of Omaha and his team of Amateurs on winning the team division with a score of 20-under-par. Finally, we want to thank the entire team at Happy Hollow Club for hosting a tremendous event.

Professional Leaderboard

1 Jim White Fairways at Lincoln
T2 Ryan Vermeer Happy Hollow Club
T2 Ted DiGiacomo Golf Galaxy – Omaha
T4 Mike Antonio Happy Hollow Club
T4 Josh Enholm Champions Run
T6 Tony Baranowski Fremont GC
T6 Nick Shanahan Shadow Ridge CC
T8 Kevin Drew Field Club of Omaha
T8 James Sieckmann Shadow Ridge CC
10 Shane Zywiec Highlands GC
11 Nathan Kalin Fremont GC
T12 Don Germer The Players Club at Deer
T12 Greg Neujahr Champions Run
T14 Chris Cover Happy Hollow Club
T14 Judd Cornell The Players Club at Deer
T14 Mike Cornell Champions Run
17 Mallory Simmelink Landsmeer GC
18 Anthony Driscoll Bent Tree
19 Brad Bailey Champions Run

F -3 68
F E 71
F E 71
F +1 72
F +1 72
F +2 73
F +2 73
F +3 74
F +3 74
F +4 75
F +6 77
F +7 78
F +7 78
F +8 79
F +8 79
F +8 79
F +9 80
F +10 81
F +11 82

Team Leaderboard

1 Kevin Drew Field Club of Omaha
Erik Daharsh
Ben Dunlap
Louis Thomas III
Matt James
F -20 51

T2 Nathan Kalin Fremont GC
Steven Olsen
Andy Sajevic
Andy McNeil
Brandon Arp
F -19 52

T2 Tony Baranowski Fremont GC
Gary Java
James Boesen
Tyler Petitt
Chuck Eckert
F -19 52

T4 Ryan Vermeer Happy Hollow Club
Chris Johnstone
Phil McDonnell
William Shrader
Roy Patterson
F -18 53

T4 Nick Shanahan Shadow Ridge CC
Merle McGillan
Craig Olson
Bob Michelic
Ryan Wolfe
F -18 53

T4 Jim White Fairways at Lincoln
Doug Grewcock
Mark Wilson
Kent Siemers
Craig Pohlman
F -18 53

7 Shane Zywiec Highlands GC
Darin Cook
Tim Stibbs
Tim Callahan
Tommy Anderson
F -16 55

T8 Ted DiGiacomo Golf Galaxy- Omaha
Mike Findley
Alec Gorynski
John Levy
Matt Darling
F -15 56

T8 Greg Neujahr Champions Run
Gregg Young
Alex Young
Ed Zachary
Alex Morton
F -15 56

T8 James Sieckmann Shadow Ridge CC
Alex Thomsen
Greg Stanek
Jimmy Barger
Jim Stepp
F -15 56

11 Brad Bailey Champions Run
Pete Maschka
Rick Kelley
Rob Likes
John Schulz
F -14 57

T12 Josh Enholm Champions Run
Bryon Zechmann
Kenny Bais
El Alferes
Nick Barna
F -12 59

T12 Mike Cornell Champions Run
Mike Mackintosh
Josh Kaiser
TJ Twit
Steve Dugger
F -12 59

14 Don Germer The Players Club at Deer
Todd Engle
Tim Halpine
Bob Danenhauer
Van Deeb
F -11 60

Mike Antonio Happy Hollow Club
Tom Walker
Jason Abboud
Mitch Walker
Clete Blakeman
F -10 61

Anthony Driscoll Bent Tree
Fred Witecy
Bob Symonds
Scott Huttman
Steve Dermody
F -10 61

Chris Cover Happy Hollow Club
Scott Bowden
Keith Klein
Aakosh Bhoja
Ricardo Pagen
F -9 62

Judd Cornell The Players Club at Deer
Chris Ober
Vance Stauffer
Mark Mayer
Alex Gasper
F -9 62

Mallory Simmelink Landsmeer GC
Jessica Brabec
Tracy Fisher
Alexis Boulos
Anne Pedersen
F E 71

About The Nebraska Section PGA
The Nebraska Section of the PGA is one of 41 Sections that together comprise the PGA of America. The Nebraska Section PGA is a non-for-profit organization comprised of approximately 275 PGA Members and 21 Apprentices who strive to promote the enjoyment and growth of the game of golf. The Nebraska Section PGA encompasses the entire State of Nebraska, western fifth of Iowa and a small portion of South Dakota including Dakota Dunes and Yankton. The Section office is located in Lincoln, NE and acts as a resource for local and national golf information for the golf professional and amateur player alike. Our members are often referred to as “Club Professionals”, not to be mistaken as PGA Tour Professionals. Each Nebraska Section PGA Professional serves as an expert in the everchanging business of golf. They are the leading expert players and teachers, skilled business managers, community leaders, and superior merchandisers who have dedicated their careers to the local delivery of these services.

PGA REACH Nebraska
PGA REACH Nebraska is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and the charitable arm of the Nebraska Section PGA. PGA REACH Nebraska is program based and supported by the Nebraska Section PGA Golf Professionals. PGA REACH Nebraska’s mission is to positively impact lives through the game of golf. The Foundation has 3 core pillars of focus:
Military, Youth and Inclusion. Each pillar is supported by programs that are executed to carry out our mission. Clark and Ober will join the following members of PGA REACH Nebraska’s Board of Directors; Mike Antonio, PGA, Tony Pesavento, PGA, Nathan Kalin, PGA, Gil Russell, PGA, Dawn, Neujahr, PGA, Mike Schuchart, PGA, David Honnens,
PGA, Anthony Driscoll, PGA, Al Peterson lll, PGA, Mike Mackintosh, Thomas Kelley, and Doug Patterson.

The Nebraska Section PGA, 610 J Street, Suite #10, Lincoln, NE 68508