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Doubles Golf

2021 U.S. Doubles Golf Am Champions

Women’s: Steph Kolbas and Sarah Sasse-Kildow (Nebraska)

Men’s: Alex Thayer and Ryan Butler (Nebraska)

Mixed Doubles: Jill Pilkington and Brad Bailey (Nebraska)



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We are bringing Doubles Golf® to Nebraska! Co-founded by Jack Nicklaus and the originators of Junior League Golf, Doubles Golf® is the first format in the history of golf created in the USA. This relaxing format is a re-branding of the two-player scramble, which allows for a less stressful approach to golf in both recreational and competitive play.

Doubles Golf® teams can see where they rank at their course, statewide, and nationally by posting their scores on the Doubles Golf® scoring app. PGA Professionals can host Doubles Golf® Club Championships in Men’s, Women’s, Senior and Mixed Divisions, which is the first step in qualifying for the 2020 US Doubles Golf® Am Championships in November.

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Why Doubles Golf?


The new trademarked re-branding of the two-player scramble format, Doubles Golf, allows for a less stressful and more “relaxed” approach to golf competition, where teammates can accent each other’s strengths while offsetting each other’s weaknesses.


The Doubles Golf format will bring more juniors, women, and the millennial population into the game, and will keep seniors playing for years longer.

Recreational, yet Competitive

In 2020, teams have the opportunity to compete in Doubles Golf Club Championship at their local course, in Men’s, Women’s, Senior, and Mixed Divisions. Doubles Golf Leagues will be introduced in early 2021.


The Doubles Golf scoring system will provide a rating and ranking for all Doubles Golf teams. There is no limit to the number of teams a player can join. Click the Login button to sign up and register your team(s).

Founded in America

Through the inaugural US Doubles Golf Amateur Championships in the fall of 2020, Doubles Golf will become the first golf format developed in the United States.


Doubles Golf encourages 9-hole rounds, creating quicker play, and the opportunity for evening tournaments and leagues.