Lincoln, NE – Nebraska Section PGA Professionals and their amateur guests competed today at the beautiful Firethorn Golf Club, the only Pete Dye golf course in the state.  With 34 teams in the field, the stage was set for a challenging day.  Steve Friesen, PGA of Firethorn Golf Club posted an impressive five-under-par 66 on his home course.  Friesen recorded a total of six birdies as his ball striking was on point on one of the top 10 beautiful days of the season.  Coming in tied for second place in the professional division was Sam Jonell, PGA of Miracle Hill Golf & Tennis and Judd Cornell of the University of Nebraska who posted four-under-par 67.

The team competition featured a 2-Net best ball format.  The team of Justin Herron of Pacific Springs came in first place in the team event. Herron and his amateur partners of Vinnie Krikac, Isaac Phillips and Derek Phillips posted 17-under-par to take the one-stroke win over the team of Mike Coatman, Trent Price, Taylor Price and Adam Randall.

The Nebraska Section PGA would like to thank Presenting Sponsors, Nebraska Golf & Turf (Club Car) and regional representative, Don Brudny.  In addition, we truly appreciate our Supporting Sponsors, Chesterman Co. a Coca-Cola Company and Vinnie Krikac State Farm Insurance Agency.  The “Final Drive Series” and Nebraska Cup Series Championship presented by Vinnie Krikac continues all season long. The Nebraska PGA also featured Tito’s Handmade Vodka as the Official Wine and Spirits of the Nebraska Section PGA. Tito’s Handmade Vodka “Holes of the Week” are brought to you by Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits of Nebraska. Players will vie for the Tito’s Handmade Vodka “Holes of the Week” title by competing in the various 21 “Holes of the Week” throughout the 2019 season and will post their lowest scores relative to par.

Lastly, we would like to thank General Manager, Randy Price, Director of Golf Mike Coatman; Director of Grounds, Scott Wilke and the Wible family for having us.


1   Justin Herron Pacific Springs Vinnie Krikac Isaac Phillips Derek Phillips          62-63–125 -17

2   Mike Coatman Firethorn GC Trent Price Taylor Price Adam Randall                    66-60–126 -16

T3  Nick Wanderscheid Green Valley Golf Course Tracey Ginger Paul Koskovich Jay Moore  65-63–128 -14

T3  Sam Jonell Miracle Hill G&T Ryan Kerns Mike Hansen Pat Salerno                     62-66–128 -14

T5  Ted DiGiacomo Golf Galaxy – Omaha Alan Hersch Trent Tiessen Kevin Culjat           64-65–129 -13

T5  Matt Nice Ridge Golf Club Mike Roetman Eric Vandehoef Corey Winterfeld             65-64–129 -13

T5  J. D. Brake ArborLinks Zach Peed Tom Peed Shawn Peed                               64-65–129 -13

T5  Alex Carper Wilderness Ridge Bill Salisbury Larry Beach Randy Edwards              62-67–129 -13

T9  Shane Zywiec Highlands GC John Reiss Dan Thomas Mike Vanier                        69-61–130 -12

T9  Caleb Malenke Quarry Oaks Dave Raymond Ben Becker Chris Vander Vorst               71-59–130 -12

T11 Greg Gilg Field Club of Omaha Lowell Kennedy Adam Johnson Brian Lukowski           69-62–131 -11

T11 Jim White Fairways at Lincoln Josh White Jay Winter Randy Endorf                   65-66–131 -11

T11 Judd Cornell University of Nebraska Chad Davis Andrew Hoffman Darin Cook           66-65–131 -11

T11 Tony Baranowski Fremont GC JB Harris Bob Charleston Stephen Wendt                  65-66–131 -11

T15 Brian Steventon Quarry Oaks Arend Wolzen Brian Spangler Jack Riggins               67-65–132 -10

T15 Devon Kastler Ashland GC Dru Kastler Ted Kastler Jeff Henn                         69-63–132 -10

T15 Brad Bailey Champions Run Shawn Carollo Pete Hanley Brian Frevert                  73-59–132 -10

T15 Steve Friesen Firethorn GC Jeremy McHugh Brian McHugh Joe Wolsleger                68-64–132 -10

T19 Tom Johnson Norfolk Country Club Troy Schwanebeck Dave Wolff Kyle Brau                    67-66–133 -9

T19 Jon Petersen Tiburon GC Doug  Mitchell Jamie Madsen Chad Beezley                                   64-69–133 -9

T21 Jonathan Moore Platteview Country Club Karl Crompton Mike Mathews Steve Mikuls      69-66–135 -7

T21 Dakota Loudner River Wilds Don Loudner Marcus Loudner Bob Hill, Jr.                               72-63–135 -7

T23 Austin Miller Omaha CC Eric Peel Matt Hickey John Larkin                                                      66-70–136 -6

T23 Kyle Schellpeper Oak Hills Tom Cockle Rachel Grenko Justin Mock                                        69-67–136 -6

T23 Jared Keenan Crooked Creek GC Dan Whitney Chad Whisinnand Steve Hettenbaugh        68-68–136 -6

26  Scott Holly UNL PGM Program Jeff McPherson John Bothof Lloyd Hinn                                68-69–137 -5

T27 Bernie Blan College Heights Country Club Ken Parks Brenda Parks John Quinn                  66-72–138 -4

T27 Nathan Kalin Fremont GC Keith Smith Chris Eggen Nate Schultz                                             71-67–138 -4

29  Mike Antonio Happy Hollow Club Mike Grier Joe Goldstein Stephen Collins                          72-68–140 -2

30  Andrew Storm Shadow Ridge CC Dave Potter Brett Clarke Ed Storm                                        73-68–141 -1

T31 Dominick Mitchum Omaha CC Morgan Strattan Bob Tatten Doug Munter                             74-69–143 +1

T31 Troy Harder Wayne Country Club Doug Rose Chad Metzler Domenic Consoli                       75-68–143 +1

T33 James Weaver Platteview Country Club Jc Weaver Shelly Liddick Deana Morehouse          73-72–145 +3

T33 Brad Neunaber Hidden Valley GC Terry Barth Chuck Kelin Gary Barth                                  73-72–145 +3



1   Steve Friesen     Firethorn GC                              34-32–66 -5

T2  Sam Jonell        Miracle Hill G&T                      32-35–67 -4

T2  Judd Cornell      University of Nebraska          34-33–67 -4

T4  Ted DiGiacomo     Golf Galaxy – Omaha          32-36–68 -3

T4  Justin Herron     Pacific Springs                        33-35–68 -3

6   Jim White         Fairways at Lincoln                    34-35–69 -2

7   Mike Coatman      Firethorn GC                           38-32–70 -1

8   Nick Wanderscheid Green Valley Golf Course 36-35–71 E

T9  Jonathan Moore    Platteview Country Club    35-37–72 +1

T9  Devon Kastler     Ashland GC                              35-37–72 +1

T9  Scott Holly       UNL PGM Program                   35-37–72 +1

T9  Brad Bailey       Champions Run                         41-31–72 +1

T9  Brad Neunaber     Hidden Valley GC                  37-35–72 +1

T14 Caleb Malenke     Quarry Oaks                            41-32–73 +2

T14 Kyle Schellpeper  Oak Hills                                  37-36–73 +2

T16 Nathan Kalin      Fremont GC                               36-38–74 +3

T16 Tony Baranowski   Fremont GC                           37-37–74 +3

T18 Bernie Blan       College Heights Country Club  36-39–75 +4

T18 Andrew Storm      Shadow Ridge CC                   39-36–75 +4

T20 Tom Johnson       Norfolk Country Club           38-38–76 +5

T20 Shane Zywiec      Highlands GC                          40-36–76 +5

T20 Jon Petersen      Tiburon GC                               35-41–76 +5

T23 Dominick Mitchum  Omaha CC                         39-38–77 +6

T23 Mike Antonio      Happy Hollow Club               40-37–77 +6

T23 Matt Nice         Ridge Golf Club                          36-41–77 +6

26  Greg Gilg         Field Club of Omaha                   40-38–78 +7

27  Brian Steventon   Quarry Oaks                           39-40–79 +8

28  Troy Harder       Wayne Country Club              41-39–80 +9

29  J. D. Brake       ArborLinks                                  38-43–81 +10

T30 Austin Miller     Omaha CC                               43-40–83 +12

T30 Dakota Loudner    River Wilds                        45-38–83 +12

32  James Weaver      Platteview Country Club    40-44–84 +13

33  Alex Carper       Wilderness Ridge                    40-45–85 +14

34  Jared Keenan      Crooked Creek GC                45-42–87 +16

About The Nebraska Section PGA
The Nebraska Section of the PGA is one of 41 Sections that together comprise the PGA of America.  The Nebraska Section PGA is a non-for-profit organization comprised of approximately 261 PGA Members and 21 PGA Associates who strive to promote the enjoyment and growth of the game of golf.  The Nebraska Section PGA encompasses the entire State of Nebraska, western fifth of Iowa and a small portion of South Dakota including Dakota Dunes and Yankton.  The Section office is located in Lincoln, NE and acts as a resource for local and national golf information for the golf professional and amateur players alike.  Our members are often referred to as “Club Professionals”, not to be mistaken as PGA Tour Professionals.  Each Nebraska Section PGA Professional serves as an expert in the ever-changing business of golf.  They are the leading expert players and teachers, skilled business managers, community leaders, and superior merchandisers who have dedicated their careers to the local delivery of these services.