Henderson, Nevada – After three days of battling championship courses and windy conditions Scott Holly, PGA of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln PGA Golf Management Program won the 29th Annual Vegas Classic presented by Callaway Golf and Vinnie Krikac State Farm.  Holly hung on to win by earning 31 points on the final day hosted at the beautiful and scenic South Shore Country Club for a three-day total of 111 points in the modified stableford format. Runner-up honors went to Nick Wanderscheid, PGA of Green Valley Golf Course (Sioux City, IA) & to Matt Meuret of Plainview Country Club (Plainview, NE) who both earned three-day totals of 108 points.

The team from Golf Galaxy-Omaha led by PGA Professional Ted DiGiacomo won the team competition in the three-day, two-net modified stableford format. Team DiGiacomo comprised of amateurs Mark Hart, Gene Wendt, Tim Marchese and Chris Vandorvosrt with 320 points secured the victory with a final day 103 points. Team Cornell of Champions Run (Omaha) took second place with 309 points with team Holly finishing in third with 306 points.

The Nebraska Section PGA would like to thank South Shore Country Club for hosting day three of this championship along with Callaway Golf representative Brian Winge and Vinnie Krikac State Farm for their support of the Nebraska Section PGA and the Vegas Classic.



29th Annual Nebraska PGA Vegas Classic

Feb 18 – Feb 20, 2019
Team Total Media Results

1   Ted DiGiacomo (p) Golf Galaxy – Omaha Mark Hart (a) Gene Wendt (a) Tim Marchese (a) Chris Vandorvosrt (a)            108-109-103–320 320  2   Mike Cornell (p) Champions Run Craig Pohlman (a) Pat McNeil (a) Gregg Young (a) Scot Bonnensen (a)                   99-110-100–309 309   3   Scott Holly (p) UNL PGM Program Brian Green (a) Todd Vanessen (a) Mike Brewer (a) Randy Hoffman (a)                  112-100-94–306 306   T4  Dennis Fruchtl (p) Riverside GC John Niedfelt (a) Mike Stoppkotte (a) Jason Luebbe (a) Chris Hartwig (a)             100-104-93–297 297  T4  Kevin Drew (p) Field Club of Omaha Mel Bull (a) Brett Lundin (a) Justin Frauendorfer (a) Chris Graham (a)            99-103-95–297 297    T6  Jim White (p) Fairways at Lincoln Justin Young (a) Tom White (a) Jay Winter (a) Randy Endorf (a)                     100-99-97–296 296    T6  Matt Meuret (p) Plainview CC Toby  King (a) Mitch Todd (a) Chris Twibell (a) Ryan Vesely (a)                         90-109-97–296 296    8   Bob Walker (p) Floyd Park Golf Course Alex Walker (a) Matt Sturdevant (a) Ted Thieman (a) Rick Wrobel (a)            101-98-89–288 288    9   Denis Vontz (p) Highlands GC Doug Kreifels (a) Mike Snitily (a) Todd Lorenz (a) Rex Largen (a)                       113-88-86–287 287    10  Tony Pesavento (p) Omaha CC Bill Roskens (a) Bill Cutler (a) Andy Wilcox (a) Aaron Barksdale (a)                     93-94-92–279 279     T11 Joe Finnegan (p) Shadow Ridge CC Jim Eggers (a) Chad McMahon (a) Joe Finocchairo (a) Rod Kush (a)                    94-99-84–277 277     T11 Nick Wanderscheid (p) Green Valley Golf Course Tracey Ginger (a) Paul Koskovich (a) Mike Gregg (a) Craig Manker (a)  96-93-88–277 277     T13 Anthony Driscoll (p) Bent Tree Ron Koontz (a) Ben Starkel (a) Kyle Reznicek (a) Rich Kramer (a)                      87-103-85–275 275    T13 Kevin Boehler (p) Field Club of Omaha Adam Johnson (a) Doug Peters (a) Kevin Loberg (a) Mike Vlasak (a)              85-98-92–275 275     T15 Dominick Mitchum (p) Omaha CC Tim Kerrigan (a) Steve Ritzman (a) Nick Mazgaj (a) Ken Stoll (a)                       94-87-93–274 274     T15 Jonathan Moore (p) Platteview Country Club Tim Diehm (a) Steve Mikkelsen (a) Jason Krenzer (a) Bill Krajicek (a)     89-98-87–274 274     17  Matt Shaner (p) Golf USA Rod Betke (a) Howard Dondlinger (a) Dave Cantral (a) Chet Graham (a)                        92-91-89–272 272     18  Kyle Schellpeper (p) Oak Hills Travis Huss (a) Mike Goltl (a) Mike Carmody (a) Nick Leaders (a)                      88-96-86–270 270     19  Shane Zywiec (p) Highlands GC Scott Buller (a) Devon Darnell (a) Brook Darnell (a) Bob Benes (a)                     86-104-76–266 266    20  Joe Sutter (p) Quarry Oaks Vinnie Krikac (a) Tim Bixenmann (a) Kenny Blair (a) Curt Hagerman (a)                     86-94-84–264 264     21  Chris Wiemers (p) Stone Creek GC Mike Sortino (a) Dan Thomas (a) Mike Vanier (a) Kelly Vande Mheen (a)               97-85-74–256 256     22  Mike Coatman (p) Firethorn GC Earl Haddow (a) Brian McHugh (a) Ray Pont (a) Bob Glesmann (a)                         82-79-71–232 232

29th Annual Nebraska PGA Vegas Classic

Feb 18 – Feb 20, 2019
Professional Leaderboard Media Results

1   Scott Holly (p)       UNL PGM Program           40-40-31–111 111
T2  Nick Wanderscheid (p) Green Valley Golf Course  39-29-40–108 108
T2  Matt Meuret (p)       Plainview CC              38-34-36–108 108
4   Kevin Drew (p)        Field Club of Omaha       37-34-35–106 106
T5  Ted DiGiacomo (p)     Golf Galaxy – Omaha       32-39-34–105 105
T5  Jonathan Moore (p)    Platteview Country Club   38-33-34–105 105
7   Matt Shaner (p)       Golf USA                  39-35-29–103 103
8   Kevin Boehler (p)     Field Club of Omaha       33-34-35–102 102
9   Tony Pesavento (p)    Omaha CC                  32-34-34–100 100
10  Kyle Schellpeper (p)  Oak Hills                 25-34-39–98 98
T11 Anthony Driscoll (p)  Bent Tree                 33-33-31–97 97
T11 Bob Walker (p)        Floyd Park Golf Course    33-28-36–97 97
13  Shane Zywiec (p)      Highlands GC              31-35-30–96 96
14  Dominick Mitchum (p)  Omaha CC                  33-31-29–93 93
T15 Mike Cornell (p)      Champions Run             29-35-28–92 92
T15 Jim White (p)         Fairways at Lincoln       29-31-32–92 92
17  Dennis Fruchtl (p)    Riverside GC              37-23-30–90 90
18  Mike Coatman (p)      Firethorn GC              30-26-32–88 88
19  Joe Finnegan (p)      Shadow Ridge CC           34-31-22–87 87
20  Chris Wiemers (p)     Stone Creek GC            35-19-27–81 81
21  Joe Sutter (p)        Quarry Oaks               32-21-25–78 78
22  Denis Vontz (p)       Highlands GC              24-26-20–70 70


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