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3 Ways to say #THXPGAPRO

What does your PGA pro mean to you?

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1.  Submit Photo – email us a personal photo and include your #ThxPGAPro message.  We will post your photo and message to the Nebraska Newsfeed below.

2.  Submit Video – record a 15-30 second video on your computer, tablet or mobile phone to show your appreciation for your PGA Professional.  Send it to us via email.  We recommend sending mp4 or MOV format.  Your video must be less than 20 MB (20480 KB).

3.  Tweet – Send us a Tweet @NebraskaPGA to show your appreciation for your PGA Professional or email us the content of the Tweet. We will post the Tweet to the Newsfeed below.

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ThxPGAPro Girls & Boys Club

Scott Bruha
David James

Mike Fauver


Tom Hearn

Jon Petersen

Bill Richards

Josh Wilson

Jon Peterson

Chuck Parker

Mike Antonio
Drew Antonio
Wade Foreman

Dennis Fruchtl and Kyle Huse

Joe Moglia

Brett Video

Mitch Merrill

Chris Thomson

Brian Hughett

David Video

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Joe Canny

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Sean O'Neill