Amateur Golf

The Nebraska Section PGA works closely with Nebraska Golf Association, Iowa Golf Association and the South Dakota Golf Association to enhance the game of golf in this area.

Nebraska Golf Association-

The Nebraska Golf Association, founded in 1966, is comprised of all members of public and private clubs and/or municipal or regional golf associations, and/or military installations which utilize an approved handicap service recognized by the USGA and provided by the NGA.

Among the duties of the Association include the conduct of the state's amateur golf championships, governing of its member clubs, and serving as the handicapping and course rating authority for its member clubs and members.

Iowa Golf Association-

The Iowa Golf Association is the governing body for golf in the state of Iowa and exists as a non-profit organization that works to preserve, protect and promote the best interests and spirit of the game.  As “caretakers” of the game we work to preserve the rich history of golf in our state and to provide numerous services that benefit all that play the game in Iowa.

Primary activities include administration of the USGA Handicap and Course Rating Systems, oversight of the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status, educational programs for members and club employees and the conduct of statewide amateur championships. The IGA also works to promote the sharing of information through publications and our website, and to encourage a spirit of harmony and cooperation among golf clubs and other allied associations.

South Dakota Golf Association-

The mission of the South Dakota Golf Association is to foster, promote and conserve the true spirit and the best interest in the game of golf in the state of South Dakota, as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions. The SDGA conducts 15 championships, and sponsors a statewide junior tour and two 36-hole junior invitational tournaments.

The SDGA Junior Golf Foundation offers six $1,500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors, conducts a variety of golf clinics and oversees The First Tee of South Dakota.

The SDGA is continually striving to improve the game of golf in South Dakota. We thank the members of our association for their support which enables us to provide our programs and services.